Instagram is probably the most modern social network nowadays. It is used both by ordinary people who want to share their experience with friends, and by celebrities who use Instagram to communicate in one way or another with their fans and admirers.

What they have in common is that every Instagram user struggles to reach as many followers as possible on their account. For some this is an extremely difficult and complex task, and for others it seems more like a challenge.

We at InstaEvil are a team of specialists in the field of Instagram marketing. What we have been doing for so long is to successfully develop Instagram profiles of a number of famous but not so famous people in the UK.

In this article we will try to help you. We know that gaining new followers on Instagram is your main goal on the social network. We also know that the tips and tricks you read will be extremely helpful. So ... let's get started!

3000 new followers on Instagram in just 1 month!

1. Settings profile

The settings of your Instagram account are decisive for its future development. Some users don't pay attention to this, but the truth is that this is the first thing you need to think about when you decide to become an Instagram star.

Let's start with the option for publicity or privacy of the account. You want to be popular on Instagram, right? Then your profile should be public and accessible to absolutely everyone. In no case, do not activate the Private profile option, as it will completely stop your dream!

Once your account is public, it is therefore mandatory that your account be such. Enter the story settings and make sure everyone can watch your story, whether they followed you, whether you followed them, and so on.

3000 new followers on Instagram in just 1 month!

Here are the other things you need to do to reach maximum publicity on Instagram:

  • Make sure everyone can answer you.
  • Make sure everyone can send you a personal message to someone else.
  • Make sure everyone can comment on your profile posts.
  • Make sure everyone can keep track of when you're online and when you're not.

Make sure you follow all six publicity tips we've described below! If you are sure - go to the next step in our article.

2. Flight profile

The first - perhaps most important - is your Instagram username. Thanks to him, you identify yourself as a user on a social network. Our hot advice is to strive to follow our two tips:

  • Try to keep it as short as possible, sound good and be memorable.
  • Try not to include periods, dashes, underscores, or numbers in it.

Following is your name, which appears in your account. You may have already realized that your username and Instagram name are two separate fields on the account edit page.

3000 new followers on Instagram in just 1 month!

Our advice is to contain your name and surname, and for this purpose you write them in English. It is good to include the emojis in it to make it more noticeable to the user's eye.

The third and final thing is the website that you can include in your account. Here the choice is entirely yours!

3. Profile type

After completing step 1. and step 2. successfully - it's time to move from a personal to a business profile, if you haven't already done so.

You can make your Instagram account a business by going to the settings. This will give you access to a number of analyzes and statistics, thanks to which you will be able to achieve your goal more easily.

3000 new followers on Instagram in just 1 month!

4. Quality content

Instagram content is the posts you upload, in the form of photos and / or videos, as well as your story. Here are some tips on how to improve the quality of content on your Instagram account. Follow these tricks:

  • Upload new posts or new ones less often, but try to make it intriguing and interesting for your audience when you do. Excessive uploading can lead to a reduction in the number of your followers. You know that, don't you? Your followers want to see cool things, not how you take pictures of your legs while walking ... or how you took another selfie that is no different from your previous ones.
  • Include hashtags and location for each post or story you upload. For posts, we recommend that you include between 5 and 10 hashtags, each of which is carefully selected by you.
  • Make sure everything you upload is captured with a good camera. Blurry photos and videos are for Snapchat, but not for Instagram.

Remember the following:

"Your Instagram profile is the mirror of your identity and identity."

3000 new followers on Instagram in just 1 month!

5. Trust the experts

We at InstaEvil know that everything you read above will not be enough for you. The whole process of recruiting new followers on Instagram is extremely complex and lengthy. Only the most naive imagine that there is a funnel that someone can put in their profile and pour followers on them quickly, easily and for free.

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3000 new followers on Instagram in just 1 month!

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